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Contacts Chair: Camille Hamilton Doyle is interim chair in 2018-19.

CPS website,, has been updated and reorganized with new parent resources.
The new CPS Student Code of Conduct- pdf overview

Meetings and bulletins--

NEW REGULAR MEETING DATE FOR THE HPKCC SCHOOLS COMMITTEE- 4TH THURSDAYS AT 5:30 pm. Kenwood Academy Libary/Media Center. Let the commitee know you wish to attend.

Some successful projects of the HPKCC Schools Committee

Helped change the conversations for two closed schools: Canter became home to the Kenwood (7th-8th grade magnet) Kenwood Academic Center, Dyett reopened as a neighborhood and selective enrollment Arts-based high school. See HPKCC 2014 resolution letter on Dyett. See some on Canter in Schools/Educ. NewsHPKCC STATEMENT FOR KEEPING CANTER MIDDLE SCHOOL OPEN

Promoted LSCs (local school councils) and worked to encourage running for LSC elections. Conducted new LSC member training.

Launched the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Action Council (CAC) promoting improvements with CPS in our local / Area 15 schools

Launched a highly successful HPKCC Schools Committee small grants programs for local schools, partly as anoutgrowth of our annual Principal's Coffees and biennial School Leaders Appreciation Dinners.
Summary of Dr. Payne's special talk at one of our Prinicpal's dinners.

Maintain a Schools Contact List including principals, preferred contacts in schools, and LSC chairs and meeting dates.Created a Youth Programs Database for the greater Hyde Park-Kenwood Area.ide tutors in select schools and work with the U of C Neighborhood Schools Program.

Successfully targeted Shoesmith for school improvement and as a school of choice, worked with Kenwood including in providing chaperones to class theater outings. Are curently identifying and working with Aldermen on select problem schools and needy schools;


See report on ABCs of CPS in Friends-Drive page.

Important new studies out-see in UC Research page
A new CPS blueprint to integrating the arts and sc. into curriculum


To About the Schools Committee brochure (including pdf version and to short version).
View Report on February 23 2010 Recognition Ceremony and Talk, in pdf To our recent reports and minutes.
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To Youth Programs Database
See what parents said about the school day in School News page.

Access HPKCC Youth Programs Database in PDF- All are encouraged to download, print, and share: (printable pdf)
That portal also leads to the complete topical, descriptive Afterschool database
(direct link).

What do you think about high-stakes testing and "opt-out" from tests? let us know.

visit Organizing Schools for Improvement, UC Research Findings. And related Defining Excellence.

The committee encourages parents to sign their kids up for the school lunch program-- each school's funding in part depends on this.


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The Schools Committee of HPKCC- history, goals/mission, personnel, initiatives read on to accomplishments and tasks

The Committee as part of Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference and others had a long and illustrious history and citywide reputation from at least the 1950s and in the era well before elected local school councils. Today our revitalized committee, started first by then-President Homer Ashby and picked up by Nancy Baum, monitors developments and progress in our neighborhood's schools, shares information about schools and educational resources and issues (from principal coffees nd school networking dinners to our website), seeks collaborations with agencies and local groups, and most of all seeks to foster a conversation about the direction of our schools. We are heavily involved with promoting, growing and elping Local School Councils.

Our goal: "Every school in the neighborhood one that every parent would be glad to send their children to."

“The mission of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference Schools Committee is to provide community support for the schools and to provide a place where Local School Council members can get together to share information.” We propose that all schools be such as parents are proud to have their kids attend and that all kids have available the means and programs to build the assets and skills they will need for adulthood. Read more.

Our Committee core members: Co-Chairs: Nancy Baum, Camille Hamilton-Doyle, Members: Jane Comiskey, Victoria Long, Rudy Nimocks, Gary Ossewaarde, Shaz Rasul, Ismail Turay, and new persons coming on board. ADD YOUR NAME!
The committee now meets 3rd Wednesdays, 5 pm at Nancy Baum's, 5221 S. Blackstone.

Also- we hope community members and businesses- and especially parents will want to choose a school and attend some of their LSC, PTA, PAC, open houses and other events and meetings to show community support and get involved. The Local School Councils have many good-hearted people whose hard work deserves to be recognized by all of us.

Partially drawn from the January 2011 Conference Reporter.
The HPKCC Schools Committee. Engaging communities and schools.

By Gary Ossewaarde

The HPKCC Schools Committee serves as a resource, facilitator and networking provider for schools, school councils, parent groups and the larger community. Our aim is good schools in which the community and parents are engaged. To facilitate our goals, we meet with educators and school reform experts, hold networking dinners and lectures, attend school council eetings, and invite members of the latter to our meetings, and support any mechanism likely to help our schools advance (especially by working together -- we were proud to take the community lead in creation of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Action Council for Schools)

We have online directories of resources and of the many enrichment programs available to children and families during, after and outside of the school day. (Visit We want to make sure there is a set of robust, varied programs, widely available. We are also preparing a user-friendly print directory of schools' schools contacts and information. And we are planning a forum/workshop on "Where are the Parents? Help for parents to Become More Involved in Their Children's Schooling." ....We are now ready to work with others to strategically bring community resources and volunteer to specific schools and to the Hyde Park-Kenwood schools as a group. In that regard, we were pleased to learn of and work with a new community working group called Hyde Park Schools, convened (in 2011) by the Hyde Park Herald and the Hyde Park eighborhood Club and intended to help Hyde Park and Kenwood schools discover common goals and resources and marshal the community and its businesses in support of our schools.

Hyde Park Schools has so far created focus groups of parents, educators, and citizens evaluating arts (CPS Arts Plan); fundraising; special needs and technology; curriculum; physical education, health and wellness. Joint fundraising, grant writing, and program sharing are already being considered. There is a growing consensus calling for such neighborhood collaboratives--from experts, foundations, CPS administrators, teachers, parents, and community organizations. Other neighborhoods have pilot programs; HPK would seem to be a likely prospect (possibly a focus of the Community Action Council in now in place.)

The Schools Committee is still working on a way to purpose Canter Middle School as a public school-perhaps with 6-8 grades to relieve the pressures at Shoesmith, Ray, and Harte.

Tasks. see above.



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