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HPKCC Schools Committee honors 2004-06 members of area school Local School Councils at February 23 gala at Kenwood Academy

February 23, 2006, Thursday, 7-9 pm. HPKCC Schools Committee presented "They Are Our Schools-Take Responsibility." Our ceremony honored and gave certificates. pins and a red rose to the local school council members, sought to pump up enthusiasm for residents and parents to run in this spring's elections. We had performances by Kenwood children, followed by a few words from Arne Duncan, CPS Superintendent. The assemblage was reminded how rare councils with real responsibility and power are in the country and that studies by such organizations as Designs for Change show a direct linkage between active lscs and a school's success. A special honor was given to retiring Area 15 Instructional Officer Virginia Vaske. See list of LSC members honored, in LSC page.

Our deepest thanks to Kenwood Academy, including Principal and staff, the Jazz Band and its director and Tenors of Distinction; Pastor Larry Turpin, Century 21, Parents United for Responsible Education, Computer Resource, and others.

The following is from the March 1, 2006 Hyde Park Herald. By Erin Meyer:

The Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference distributed 100 certificates to Hyde Park local school council members during an awards ceremony at Kenwood Academy Feb. 23. The event was held to recognize current LSC members and drum up more candidates to run in the upcoming LSC election scheduled for April 19 and 20.

"We need 17,000 people to run for these positions citywide," said the Rev. Larry Turpin, pastor of the United Church of Hyde Park, who spoke as master of ceremonies. "This is the only place in the country where you have democratic, parent majority councils," he told the parents, teachers, community representatives and principals in attendance. "Our LSCs make all the difference in how the schools are run. They have real power."

All the speakers at the ceremony, including Chicago Public Schools Chief Arne Duncan, encouraged anyone with a stake in the community or its children, to run for an LSC. "If you are currently on a local school council, run again. If you have never been a member of an LSC, run for the first time," said Duncan, a lifelong resident of Hyde Park.

He called the relationship between the schools and community in Hyde Park "extraordinary." "Hyde Park shaped my value system and beliefs," Duncan said. "It has a lot to do with why I am raising my kids here."

Local school councils are the product of a 1988 school reform act that established an elected council at each public school to hire and fire principals and make decision about budgets and school improvement priorities.

"We would like every school in Hyde Park to be a place parents would want to send their children," said Nancy Baum, member of the HPKCC Schools Committee. The HPKCC printed and distributed certificates to LSC members from schools in Hyde Park, including Ariel Community Academy, Miriam Canter Middle school, Dyett Academic Center, Bret Harte Elementary, Kenwood Academy, Charles Kozminski Community Academy, Philip Murray Language Academy, William H. Ray School, Reavis Elementary and Beulah Shoesmith Elementary.

Hyde Park parent Ismail Turay Sr. was the only LSC member to receive two certificates for his participation at Shoesmith Elementary, as community representative at Kenwood Academy [and] Kenwood Academy, as a parent representative. Turay has three children in pubic school in Hyde Park. Usman, 10 and Aisha, 9 attend Murray Language Academy. "The work LSCs do makes such a difference in the lives of our children" Turay said.

Turay's son, Omar, is currently a junior at Kenwood and plays saxophone with the Kenwood Academy Jazz Band, which performed for LSC members at the ceremony. "Osmar insisted that I run for LSC so I put him in charge of my campaign," Turay said.

The HPKCC Schools Committee offers information on LSC elections on their website


Awards and recognition- more in News of Schools

As is usually the case, several area students were recommended for induction into the National Honor Roll in spring, 2007. Only 25 in the country wil be selected. Each receive $25,000 schoarcship. Khrystin w. Walker-Davis (Dyett), Tawana Daniels (Kenwood), Donavan Mitchem (UC Lab), Alexis K. Jenkins (Lab).

In January 2006 it was announced that Bret Harte teacher Liz Russell, preschool, won the Top 10 awards by Nick Jr. Magazine.

May 24 2006 South East Chicago Commission at its annual banquet honored King senior Lydia Ashley for over 1200 hours of community service, overcoming suffering a brain tumor since 6th grade. She will be attending Knox College. SECC Executive Director Bob Mason said, "There are many good things going on in our public schools and this young lady is exemplary of the students who are devoting their time and energy to doing wonderful things."

Bronzeville Academic Center/Blue Gargoyle students won the Alternative Golden Idol competition in May 2004., reciting storied verse in turn or unison. The competition was run by International House and the Alternative Schools Network. Bronzeville is becoming an arts-based learning center with a recording studio.

Ateese Moore, 16 year old Hyde Parker at Lincoln Park High is preparing for a 2008 Olympic run in track.

Kenwood senior William McKnight won the city diving championship in spring 2006.

Shoesmith debate team won the competition at the University of Chicago in spring 2006. Competitors included Wyne Reed (1st); Shana Richardson, Wakelo Ryals and Jerical Griffin (2nd); Jackie Dempsey, Mareeta Jackson, Shelby Matthews an Sonja Jordain (Public Speaking Award)


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