About the HPKCC Schools Committee- short version

Presented by the Schools Committee and Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference
website www.hydepark.org. Rev. February 2010. Chair: Nancy Baum.

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About the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference
Schools Committee

The mission of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (HPKCC) Schools Committee is to provide community support for the schools and a place where Local School Council and other school support group members can meet and share information.

The Schools Committee

• Works toward the goal of every school a strong school of which parents and residents can be proud and which contributes to a strong neighborhood
• Supports our Local School Councils, Parent Advisory Councils, PTAs, PTOs
• Encourages community involvement in our schools,
• Organizes forums and events on education issues that matter to the community,
• Provides a variety of resources for schools and families on our web site, www.hydepark.org/education/schools.html, including HPKCC Youth Programs Database www.hydepark.org/schools.

Join us!

If you are interested in our schools, come give us a try! The Schools Committee meets monthly 3rd Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. For info & contacts: hpkcc@aol.com.
Keep abreast of the committee and the rest of HPKCC, or join the Conference: http://www.hydepark.org.

Schools Committee services to schools, parents and community

Local School Council support activities

• LSC-PAC-PTA Recognition and Welcome Dinners
• Promotion of LSC elections and participation

• Principal breakfasts to assess school needs and what HPKCC can do for schools
• Provide help to lsc's as needed

Schools support

• Issue-awareness in the community through forums, positions, publications, and collaborations
• Worked to prevent school closures, seeking instead a strong pre-school-12 continuum serving well each age group, and well-utilized schools within walking distance
• Led establishment of a Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Action Council to plan advancement of area schools as a whole, serving the well being of our and nearby neighborhoods
• Ran workshops that put schools in touch with after school providers and led to a database for schools and parents in www.hydepark.org/schools and on accessing resources
• Held supply drives for the schools

Internet resources

• Committee webpage and calendar at www.hydepark.org/programs/schools.html
• HPKCC Youth Programs Database & expanded database in www.hydepark.org/schools
• A full array of resources, directories, and information on schools, councils and issues-
start from www.hydepark.org/education/schools.html

Why we focus on supporting our Local School Councils (LSCs)

Local School Councils are each school’s elected body—parents, residents, teachers, principal.
The LSC approves the school budget and annual strategic plan, evaluates and selects the principal. Community based, this is a unique and the nation’s strongest schools site management system.