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Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference
Development, Preservation, & Zoning

Chairs: Gary Ossewaarde and George Rumsey.

We support community-wide and larger mid-South planning (including modernized zoning) and transparent, non-interested conduct by officials and monitors for planning and development. The committee has hosted a large number of forums on development and related topics—Future of 53rd Street, What's Right and What's Wrong with Hyde Park, Harper Court/53rd-Lake Park (several community forums), and co-sponsored visioning workshops especially for the business district. It contributed to the model RFP for the Hyde Park Theater building. Its Harper Court forums developed sets of principles and sparked community idea-sharing and a survey for Harper Court redevelopment. It has sought open and transparent behavior on the part of developers, including owners of Harper Court and its successors.

One challenge in this time of accelerated change is to engage the parties, including the University of Chicago, whose actions will affect the quality and character of the neighborhoods for decades. Major items we watch includes acceleration of redevelopment inside Hyde Park and in surrounding communities (including possible increased retail competition), and affordability and build-out pressures. We have also expanded our interest outside the neighborhood through fiscal agency and affiliations.

We have weighed in for key appropriate requests for zoning changes to allow restoration and adaptive reuse of major aging assets. We work with our Disabilities Task Force and Transportation Committee to make sure getting around, development, and neighborhood character all work together.

Forum on Frank Lloyd Wright Homes in Kenwood. Plans to convert into bed-and-breakfast create controversy with neighbors. Informational forum on Dec. 17. Status updates at wright4kenwood.org.

Forum on zoning. The purpose of the forum was to educate the community about zoning followed by a Q and A discussion. Report. Vue 53/McMobil.


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