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Bios of board nominees, Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference, September 21, 2014 Annual Meeting.
All the following were elected.

Nancy Baum. (Nancy is seeking her second allowed 3-year term.) In addition to HPKCC, Nancy's memberships include teh 5200 Blackstone Block Club, the Seminary Co-op Bookstore, the Americn Association of Teachers of French, teh Oriental Institute (docent for 20+ years), Friends of Harold Washington College,Friends of Shoesmith, the Prairie Club and the National Association of Realtors. With degrees from Georgetown University and the University of Chicago, she was a Professor of Foreign Languages from 1968-2001 at the City Colleges of Chicago, and served as Department Chair at Olive-Harvey and Harold Washington Colleges. She was also a Peace Corps Volunteer in Gabon, Africa. Her interests are tennis, bridge, piano, computers, and reading at the beach. She is active in community affairs including volunteering at the Oriental Institute, and in her Block Club at 52nd and Blackstone. At present, Nancy co-chairs the Schools Committee of the Conference.

R Carson. R Carson has lived in Kenwood since he and his wife Joslyne bough their home in 2006. She is a third generation Kenwood resident with her grandfather having attended University of Chicago. They have three children ages 6, 4, and 4 months. They are also dog owners. R Carson was asked by Edward Jones to take over an existing branch in Oak Park in 2007. After growing and marinating that business he transitioned his practice to Hyde Park this spring. His goals are to be able to service the Hyde Park/Kenwood community as both a resident and a business proprietor. He currently is member of the HPKCC Schools Committee. In the past he was a board member for the Frank Lloyd Wright Unity Temple Concert Series and coordinator for the Chicago/Marion business district in Oak Park. For his firm he has been a Bridge Leader, Secondary Recruiting Leader, Field Trainer, and Mentor. He also has received several awards at his firm in the areas of business building and client service.

David Farley. David is manager of Administrative and Desktop Systems for the University of Chicago Library Systems. He has lived in Hyde Park for over 25 years, working at the Regenstein Library. He has followed Hyde Park events closely, participating in many online forums and discussions, as well as various community meetings. By joining the board of the Conference, he will be able to better engage in the community's change--his interests include preservation and development, as well as the University's role in policing the neighborhood.

Allison Hartman. (Allison is the other person seeking a second three-year term.) I have lived in Hyde Park almost all m y life. Went to the Lab School Nursery School through 5th grade and the 2 year High School which was offered at that time. Went straight into the U. of C. with most of my class. (An extremely bad idea.) Dropped out part way through to get married, had 2 wonderful sons, and was basically a stay-at-home Mon.

Somewhere in that time I began a long and happy love affair with the internal combustion engine. I started as a complete novice, book in hand and a million questions. Eventually this turned into Hyde Park Car and Cycle which I ran for years plus weekends as a racing mechanic.

I also went back to finish my college degree. Became interested in law, was accepted at John Marshall Law School, got both a J D and a LL M in Real Estate, and opened my law office in 2006. Not surprisingly, my practice seems to center around Elder Law and Real Estate.

It is out of these life experiences that my current interests have evolved. I work with the H.P. Village Board to bring a Village to Hyde Park so people like me can stay in their own home as they grow old, plus other senior issues with OWL Illinois. Also with the Conference Disabilities Task Force and DARE (Disabled Adults Residential Enterprise) so that disabled people can do the same.

I am on the Conference Development, Preservation and Zoning Committee and the Condos and Coops Committee, as well as the Coalition for Equitable Community Development, which works for affordable housing. With all of the new development in our neighborhood, I hope this will be one of teh Conferences main interests next year.

In past year, the Conference has been the forum where we, the neighborhood, have been able to question our Community leaders and tell them what we think. I would like to help the Conference continue in that tradition.

Vera Louise McCurry. Originally from Asheville, North Carolina, Vera Louise McCurry moved to Chicago in 1969. While in college, Ms. McCurry participated in movements to remove the Nike Missiles f[rom] the Promontory Point [and Jackson Park] that is now the golf driving range, and a US Steel mandate to clean up the pollution that caused asthma in Hyde Park children an covered homes and businesses with grime. Ms. McCurry brings decades of nursing experience and has worked at Cook County Hospital ER/Trauma, Illinois Nurses Association, Salvation Army Free Family Health Clinics, Ounce of Prevention-DuSable HS Clinic, U of C and U of I. She also served as editor of "Dialysis and You" magazine.

Ms. McCurry is familiar with the Hyde Park Kenwood Community Conference as she served on the Wooded Island Festivals and Whistle Stop Committees (1972-2976). She also served on the South Side Condo & Cooperatives Association Board (1975-1977); the Chicago Children's Choir Board (1978-1979); AYSO Commissioner, Chicago Area Director, Instructor for coaching, referee, administrators, and child protection administrators where she works directly with over 40,000 parents and children (1991-present); YWCA Chicago-Rape Emergency Counselor/Advocate (working with police adn victims in the emergency to gather evidence, provide safety, counseling, and resources for victims and families (1988-2012); Ancona School Board of Directors (1976-1980); Pleasant Street School Board of Directors (1986-1991); U of I-Champaign-Urbana Parent Board of Directors (1992-1995)(; Jackson Park Advisory Council (1985-Present) where she currently serves as Board President (2011-2014); and has developed networks of vo9lunteers for park work days, networking with elected officials, community leaders, press, police, FOTP, and park staff to bring amazing changes to Jackson Park for our families, students and visitors.

Ms. McCurry lives in Hyde Park and is the mother of two sons, three stepsons, on step daughter, five rescued cats, and two rescued dogs. She received a Nursing degree (1973), BS degree (1974), and graduated from teh first Nurse Practitioner program in Illinois (1975) in a combined progam taught by Loyola University and Cook County School of Nursing. Her belief is this, "I have lived a good day if I have been of service to others and made a difference in the lives of children."

Emilie Pulver. Emilie came to Hyde Park/Kenwood in 1979 to work as a librarian at the JKM Library (serving the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and McCormick Theological Seminary), and has worked there for 34 years. Her civic interests include being a member of the Hyde Park Garden Fair committee and the Hyde Park Book Sale committee; she also gardens for soup kitchens at KAM Isaiah Israel.

Emilie has always rented in Hyde Park/Kenwood and does not drive. She is interested in both renters' issues and in public transportation issues for lower income HP-K residents.

Eric Reaves. My interest in business and entrepreneurship began early; at fourteen I asked for and received subscriptions to Fortune and Forbes magazines. An early desire to own my own business resulted in the first Jet Ski rental business on he southern shores of Lake Michigan, a four-star Mexican restaurant, and several other local partnerships and businesses.

Not limiting myself at a young age, I co-owned a Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Shop in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. I have an extensive background in the retail and foodservice industries formerly serving as Director of Operations/ Sales for Infinity Customer Solutions with Fortune 500 clients such as Pepsi, Barnes & Noble, darden Restaurants (Olive Garden, Red Lobster), YUM Brands (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC), Food Lion and McDonalds.

In my only departure from the food and retail industries I honed my skills in Corporate America as an executive in the billion-dolar hair Care Industry. In my first corporate position I worked with princip[al]s of companies such as Alberto-Culver, Wella, Soft Sheen, Revlon and Paul Mitchell learning the nuances of strategic maneuvers of the corporate boardroom.

My most recent position was Deputy Director of the Gary Economic Development Corporation, working with the Honorable Karen Freeman-Wilson, Mayor of Gary, Indiana.

George Rumsey. George W. Rumsey is president of the Computer Resource Center, INc., which provides computer training throughout the Chicago area (located in the Hyde Park Bank Building). In past years, he worked as a editor at the University of Chicago (Sociology), and as a desktop publishing/communications consultant tot he U.S. Agency for International Development, the United Nations, the Government of Canada, and other NGOs. His clients include Northwestern University Law School, University of Chicago Law School and University of Chicago Library Systems, and Loyola University-Chicago.

As a 40-year resident of Hyde Park, he served as president of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (2001-2009), the Coalition for Equitable Community Development (2010), chair of the Hyde Park Disabilities Task Force (currently), and as a member of the board of DARE (Disabled Adult Residential Enterprises) (currently). In 2014, he was appointed commissioner for Special Service Area #61-Hyde Park, and is is vice-chair. He is also a member of the Hyde Park Garden Fair committee and the Used Book Sale committee of HPKCC. Mr. Rumsey graduated from Mercer University (1976, Macon, Georgia) and has an A.M. degree in English Literature from teh University of Chicago (1977).