General Reports from the February 18, 2009 HPKCC Anniversary Kickoff Forum
Hyde Park: Challenging the Next Decade,
Held at the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club

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Feb. 18, 2009
(Preliminary) Evaluation summary

One or more subjects on which YOU are willing to work
Volunteers and their topics are listed separately
One person mentioned advocacy of maintenance and building of affordable housing but didn’t give their name

Subjects that came up tonight on which you want the Conference to focus
Less Density
More art, and art colony
Less University investment
After School programs
Transportation issues – getting cars and the people addicted to them out of Hyde Park
“Green” and sustainability issues
Education, communication of actions of the diverse social action groupsand organizations
The footprint and impact of the Olympics will impact ALL rental housing
When thinking about commerce, don’t forget to factor in how e-commerce is growing, which affects all retail. So what do people want besides bookstores?
Teens after school affordable program
More family activities that are affordable

Suggest a topic for a next or future community meeting
Community input in University real estate development
What is Harper Court Arts Council doing with $6.4M from Harper Court sale to U of C?
Hyde Parkers, what inputs do you have for your neighborhood 2016?
Any of the topics brought up could be a topic for more focused discussion [Don’t need to do Olympics, however, it’s been done too much]
A meeting focused on addressing concerns particular to University students
Meetings focused on green/sustainability issues
Collaborative efforts of the community organizations on addressing the loss of affordable housing
Maintaining character of community – architecturally endangered buildings
Youth and teens
Effects of Olympics
More use of buildings (churches, parks, HPNC) for family activities
How to get U of C studentsmore mixed into the Hyde Park community – using shops, restaurants, etc.

What did you like best about tonight’s meeting?
Questions, answers, comments
Panel’s overview and meeting neighbors
Well-arranged, well-summarized, well-attended. Very good observations and remarks
Good turnout, lots of good questions
Discussion of density and greenness, transportation and retail
Speaker’s emphasis on transportation and trade market
A few young faces
Open discussion
Diversity of opinion, great discussion

What did you like least about tonight’s meeting?
Not enough time for more discussion
Lack of focus, lack of integration of questionnaire into program
Lack of youth representation on the panel
Insensitive, inaccurate comment that giving handouts to the homeless tends to increase crime
Deja-vu – heard some pleas for community calendar at every meeting attended – and same answer, need staff and money!
Makeup of panel – more representation along age, race, income
Views from more mix of people living in area
Not everything got covered

What wasn’t brought up or received insufficient attention?
University real estate activities
Development issues
Would like pictures of proposed buildings
Why the University of Chicago was not represented!
All community organizations were not represented!
Effect of President Obama re tourism
Presidential Library site should be on South Side, as close to HPK as possible
The idea about a green community – good beginning

Anything else?
Good meeting - appreciate the opportunity to get community input