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Chicago Hyde Park Village

This page is presented by Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference and its website HPKCC is a founding partner of the HP Coalition for Equitable Community Development and a collaborator with the Older Women's League.
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A group of Hyde Parkers, including members of the Older Women's League of Hyde Park, seeks to organize a "Village" cooperative services provider aimed at making it easier for people to remain based in their own home (or home of their choice)--while being able to get about-- as they age. At least five such localized groups are in planning or fully operational in the Chicago area. It is estimated the one-call service needs at least one full time staffer and requires a minimum of 150 members at a stated amount per year or month.

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July and April 2013 updates including opening of office.
Board selected
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Release ahead of the March 26 2012 luncheon Nov. 17 Fiesta
Past information and happenings
April 15 report
Summer 2010 activities
Update November 14 2010
Allison Hartman answers some questions (Allison and Sue also gave a full explanation and update to the HPKCC Board December 2.)
New servicing service starting- help-village. see below

Phone 773 363-1933.
See how the Village goes out of their way to help you! Farmer's Market One example.

Officers 2019. President- Gary Worcester.

2nd and 4th Wednesday, 1030 am. CHP Village Drop In at Augustana Church, 5500 S. Woodlawn. Exercise bridge, lunch ($5,7), program-

2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 10:30-1:30 pm. Hyde Park Village twice-monthly Drop Ins at Augustana Church, 5500 S. Woodlawn. $7, members $5.
The exercise portion will vary and rotate. There is often a Table of Treasures that features an assortment of gently used items that people have donated to CHPV and which we are reselling to benefit CHPV.
We will also schedule periodic programs of interest. Please let us know if there's a program you would like us to try.As always, we have games . . . conversation . . . and food. Donation $7, members $5.
Dozens of new books for the book swap, jewelry swap, sometimes knick-knack sale.
Of course a healthy lunch
Meet new and old friends and neighbors and students. Questions? 773 363-1933,

Men's groups 10 and 1st and 3rd Wednesddays and Thursdays at Piccolo Mondo. Women's group starts May 8 11:30 at Cafe 53.

3rd Wed and monthly, Wednnesday, 3 pm, gp 1, 6 pm gp 2. 3rd Wednesdays. Caregivers Support Group at Montgomery Place game room, 5550 S. South Shore Drive.

3rd Weds Wednesday, 6:30 pm. CAPS for most of Hyde Park. Treasure Island lower level, 1526 E. 55th St.

7 pm. 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. Card and Mah Jong Night. Mah Jong lesson included. Treasure Island lower level.

Men's talking group meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at Piccolo Mondo, 1642 E. 56th St. A second group has room for new members/participants, meeting 1st and 3rd Thursdays. Contact Jerry Gripsover or Gary Worchester.

Discussion-dinner salon at Snail, 2nd Tuesdays 4:30 pm.

HP OWL meets 1st Saturdays, 1 pm. Hyde Park OWL. Treasure Island lower level community room, 1526 E. 55th St. Next in October.


Dear Full Member of CHPV:

We have exciting news!

SSA #61, also known as Downtown Hyde Park, is offering a special service for Full Members of Chicago Hyde Park Village. The SSA will deliver to your home groceries that you purchase at the [Downtown Hyde Park] Farmers Market in Harper Court! This is a service that is being offered only to Full Members of the Village.

To help you take advantage of this opportunity, CHPV is offering you the services of our trained Volunteers to drive you to the Farmers Market and help you shop. You will be receiving a phone call from one of our Volunteers in the next week or so to find out how we may assist you.

It is not necessary that you work through CHPV to take advantage of this service. We will provide the Market Manager with a list of all Full Members of CHPV. Simply take your purchases to Kendall, the Market Manager, who is located in the second tent on the west side of the entrance to the market from 53rd Street – right under the large Farmers Market sign hanging on the side of Valois Restaurant. Kendall will label your purchases with your name and address, and he will deliver them to your home after the market closes.

CHPV Volunteers will be available to help you get to and from the market, either on foot or by driving; or they can meet you at the market and help you shop.

Growers at this year’s Farmers Market are expecting excellent crop yields because of the weather this spring. Other vendors are selling jams and jellies, flowers, olive oil, baked goods, and other delectables. The strawberries are getting rave reviews. This is a wonderful opportunity to put fresh food on your table this summer.

We will be in touch with you soon, or leave a message for Grace Latibeaudiere-Williams, CHPV Volunteer Coordinator, at the CHPV office, 773-363-1933. This service will begin with the June 23 Market.



Allison Hartman Mary J. Rogel Grace Latibeaudiere-Williams

CHPV Board Member CHPV Volunteer Program Consultant CHPV Volunteer Coordinator

SSA #61 Commissioner SSA #61 Commissioner




We will initiate a regular newsletter, which we will distribute both electronically and via regular mail. We expect a first issue by the end of September (2013). We welcome letters and comments for publication! Send to Rod Sawyer.


Website is (includes a community calendar). Email,
Chicago Hyde Park Village, 5500 S. Woodlawn, 2nd floor, Chicago, IL 60637 (in Augustana Lutheran Church)
•The office--773-363-1933
•Susan Alitto--773-752-6587 or 773-485-3643 or
•Sammie Dortch--773-643-5101 or, or
Margaret Huyck- 773 752-6584.

More about below. Links to web information about villages. More on various co-housing and aging-in-place options is in the Affordable Housing homepage. From their brochure. By George Rumsey for the August 2010 Conference Reporter.

(Be sure to visit South Side Health Collaborative's directory to all kinds of health and other services at

Our Contact information:
Website: Email:
Telephone: 773 363-1933
Mailing: CHPV, 5500 S. Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, IL 60615
To get the services of volunteer helpers to get a ride, help at home, shopping, etc., contact

Email questions for the village: (As for their easy to read brochure and/or to take their survey). or 773-752-6587., or from Google Groups site search Hyde Park Village. Watch Hyde Park Herald for announcements.

To get the services of volunteer helpers to get a ride, help at home, shopping, etc., contact


Mailing address: Chicago Hyde Park Village, c/o 1525 E. 53rd St., Ste. 705, Chicago, IL 60615.

To opt into new google group: or or about/to join. If in, use


There is also an affiliated Google Groups hydeparkvillage for information sharing. Contact to be signed up to be able to post.

The new website is sharing carpooling (as to worship services), snow removal services, and more.

Active Walking Groups-You guys are walking and so are we.

There is also the Tuesday Salon - meets 2nd Tuesdays at Nile Restaurant (1600 block of 55th) about 4 pm. Discuss anything from politics to seniors issues or...


become a VOLUNTEER- AARP Experience Corps is looking for adults 50 years and older interested in tutoring K-3 students who are struggling to read. Closest Info meeting:

When: Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013, 10:30am–11:30am
Where: Blackstone Branch Library, 4904 S. Lake Park Avenue, Chicago, IL 60615
Register Online or call 877-926-8300

the Challenge:

In 2011, 82 percent of fourth-graders in Chicago Public Schools failed to reach the “proficient” level in reading. This represents thousands and thousands of students who are missing out on one of the most critical building blocks for long-term academic success.

An Opportunity:

AARP Experience Corps is a proven program made up of volunteers 50 and older who are dedicated to helping children become great readers before they finish the third grade.

At AARP Experience Corps, we believe every child has the right to learn to read fluently and to reap the joys and opportunities that literacy provides. Our evidence-based tutoring and mentoring program guides children in kindergarten through third grade on the path to reading proficiently and confidently.

How You Can Help:

In the fall of 2013, AARP Experience Corps will launch its award-winning program in 15 Chicago public schools, serving thousands of children who are most in need of reading support from a caring older adult.

You can help these students become strong lifelong readers by:

Volunteering in schools. Give a child a year of your time – you’ll get back more than you can imagine. You need only have a high school diploma or GED and an ability to commit at least four hours per week during the school year. We provide the training and we're recruiting now. Get more information by filling out our online form.

Making a donation. Not everyone can give a full school year to our children, but you can donate any amount to help further our mission in Chicago. Help us launch in Chicago

Join us for an informational meeting to learn about AARP Experience Corps and to discuss how we can build stronger neighborhoods together.

Just use the links to register. You can also call 877-926-8300 and reference the desired Event Code to register.

Also, don’t forget to bring a friend who may also be interested in this wonderful opportunity to make a significant impact in the life of a child.

Phone: 877-926-8300


Update from Sue Alitto July 2013

For those of you who are wondering what is happening with our work to establish a "Village" to support "aging in place" in the Hyde Park area, here's a brief update:

•Late last Fall we had a very successful Mexican Fiesta fundraiser, thanks to Carol Cross, who opened up her condo and collection of Mexican folk art and provided a delicious Mexican dinner.
•New and old friends joined us at several social and informational programs over the Spring:
•movies, snacks and conversation
•discussions on medical, end of life issues and healthy life styles
•an interactive talk on travel to exotic places in photos and poetry
•We have an office and telephone!
•5500 S. Woodlawn Ave (Augustana Lutheran Church, 2nd floor, accessible by elevator)
•Set up and decorated with donated furniture and art work by enterprising and creative interns from Harold Washington College.
•We held 3 highly successful Drop-In programs with help and collaboration from some U of C students and some seed money from Mather LifeWays.
•Our google group continues to grow and several neighbors have been helping each other with visits, rides and shopping.
•Several neighbors have demonstrated their support and eagerness for Chicago Hyde Park Village with donations and Pre-Launch deposits. Pre-Launch funds are a risk-free deposit that we hold in a separate bank account awaiting our official opening (this fall hopefully!) and the depositors' decisions on whether to join.
•Montgomery Place is sponsoring a U of C summer intern and sharing him with us and the Hyde Park Herald. Watch for Andrew Holzman's articles in The Herald, a blog on aging issues, a CHPV Newsletter, and more!

In the meantime, our hard working board continues to build out our Village structure and plan more fund-raisers and Drop-Ins. It would greatly speed things along if we could raise enough money to hire at least a part-time Executive Coordinator to help manage and coordinate daily operations. We are incorporated as a Not For Profit and have tax exempt status through our fiscal agent. We welcome contributions toward:

•Continuation of the Drop-In program (biweekly starting July10, 10:30am -1:30pm, 5500 S. Woodlawn)
•Setting up our organizational structure:
•the part-time coordinator
•volunteer recruitment, vetting and training
•service vetting
•Planning future programs

Anyone who would like to consider supporting the effort with a tax deductible contribution, a pre-launch deposit, or by joining one of the working committee (e.g.,service, volunteers, programs), please contact us at:,

•The office--773-363-1933
•Susan Alitto--773-752-6587 or 773-485-3643 or
•Sammie Dortch--773-643-5101 or, or

Susan Alitto

--To send messages use
--Visit the archives at!forum/hpvillage
--Check our calendar at:

Update from Sue Alitto April 2013. As to OWL

Chicago Hyde Park Village (CHPV) Update,
April 2013
We have not yet quite moved into our new office. The former tenants had to delay their relocation because their new space also was not yet ready for them. But we should settle in soon . . . and when we are, we will invite you all to come see us!

The new CHPV board and its committees have been busy. As always, helping hands can speed things along. Do let me know if any of you would like more information about our committees and how to join their work. Currently underway are Program, Services, ommunications, Website, and Volunteer committees. Especially needed are people to help get out a regular newsletter, both electronically and by regular mail. Upcoming are committees on Partnerships, Sponsors and Fundraising.

In the meantime, we continue to organize various social and educational programs. On April 13, Al Klinger, M.D., Mary Rogel, Ph.D. and licensed acupuncturist, and Anna York, certified Qigong instructor, led a lively and informative program on health care alternatives. On Saturday, May 11, at will have the third in this series on health issues of special concern to the older population. The next
session will focus on decisions and arrangements we should address concerning our “end of life” care. Watch for more details.

On Saturday, May 11, 4 – 5:30 pm, also at Augustana Lutheran Church, we will have a special
program on travel and creativity entitled “Extend your Vacations, Enhance Day-to-Day Life; You Too Can Be Creative.” Carol and Arnie Kanter from Evanston and the North Shore Village use poetry and photographs to take us with them on their travels
to Africa, India, Nepal and Bhutan. As always, we offer rides to any who need them. Call Jay Mulberry (773-288-1242), Allison Hartman
(773-324-5539) or Susan Alitto (773-752-6587).
By Susan Alitto

From the June 16 get together and lecture on dealing with the Third Age by Ms. Kolb of Aging With Ease: Jay Mulberry writes: This summer five students from Harold Washington College are helping the Village. The group was organized and is supervised by their professor, Sammie Dortch, who is a gerontologist and a member of the Village steering committee. I can't say how enjoyable it was yesterday to meet three of these students. They were not the young'ns I expected but mature, focused adults. They have already begun very seriously and very effectively working on analysis of potential members, research on existing Villages around the country and developing relationships with business sponsors in the community. We are fortunate to have them, and Sammie, with us. Thanks to you all!
Jay told the group about three categories of activities the Village will engage in: direct services, vetting of services, and social/connecting activities. The last two are already being done. Hope is that money will be obtained for start up in the fall. There will likely be different categories with different annual costs.

Relevant meetings, events etc.

The Drop In at Augustana Church- 2nd and 4th Wednesday, 10:30-1:30



The Chicago Hyde Park Village Board of Directors

(The nominating committee consisted of Margaret Huyck, Jane Ciacci, Marianne Crusius, Wallace Gllod, Allison Harman, Nina Helstein, Madry Rogel, George Runsey.


Sammy Dortch, Interim Executive Director

President Susan Alitto (Village founder and pres. of the steering committee. Worked in Dpet Anest & Crit. Care UCMedicine)
Vice-President Lenora Austin (former school principal and exec. dir. HP Chamber of Commerce, co-chair HP Disabil. Task Force)
Treasurer Christy Casey-Ware (Bank Financial HP branch 2nd in command)
Secretary Anastasia McRae (readjustment counseling therapiste at Ch Hts VA Center)

Board Members

Susan Alitto
Ann Audrain
Jane Ciacci
Jane Comiskey
Mariane Crusius
Allison Hartman (Steering Committee vice president, attorney, boards- DARE, HPKCC, Owl Illinois)
Margaret Hellie Huyck (St Comm sec, Pres of HP OWL and of OWL National, prof. emerita psychol/gerontology IIT)
Rita McCarthy
Jason Molony
(may have left?)
Mary J. Rogel (East Point Associates owner-accupuncture and bodyworrm Qi Gong; DARE treas.)
Mary A. Young

not listed in website- may be other than board- Sammie Dortsch

Advisory Committee

Queta Bauer
Jane Ciacci
Wallace Goode
Nina Helstein
Roger Huff
George Rumsey

Nominating Committee: Margaret Huyck, Jane Ciacci, Wallace Goode, Allison Hartman, Nina Helstein, Mary Rogel, George Rumsey

Biographical Notes

Susan Alitto is a founder of the CHPV, and President of the Steering Committee. She is retired from the Anesthesia Department at the University of Chicago Hospitals.

Lenora Austin is the former Executive Director of the Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce, and was previously a school principal for CPS. She is a co-founder of the Hyde Park Disabilities Task Force.

Christy Casey-Ware is employed at Bank Financial, where she is second-in-command at the Hyde Park branch, and specializes in personal banking.

Marianne Crusius was formerly the manager of the Language Resource Center at Princeton University.

Sammie Dortch is Chair of the Applied Science Department at Harold Washington College, City Colleges of Chicago, and currently serving as Moderator of her church.

Camille Hamilton-Doyle is a retired Illinois Bell employee. Currently she is a board member of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference, co-chair of its Schools Committee, a member of the Hyde Park Kiwanis, and active at St. Thomas the Apostle Church.

Allison Hartman is Vice-President of the Steering Committee, a practicing attorney, President of the Board of the D.A.R.E. residence on 55th St., and a member of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference Board.

Margaret Huyck, Secretary of the Steering Committee, is Professor Emerita of psychology at IIT, specializing in gerontology. She is also president of Hyde Park OWL.

Pat MacClarence is a licensed social worker who has been active on the Steering Committee.

Anastasia McRae is a Readjustment Counseling Therapist at the Chicago Heights VA Center.

Jason Molony, a former IT professional, is currently a student at UChicago Social Service Administration, and an administrative social work intern at Rush University Medical Center

Mary Rogel is a business owner in Hyde Park (East Point Associates), specializing in acupuncture and bodywork, and a teacher of Qi Gong. Mary is Treasurer of the D.A.R.E. board.

Shari Runner is Senior Vice President for Strategy and Community Development at the Chicago Urban League, President of Bright Promises Foundation, working on children’s issues, and on the board of Urban Gateways.

Ken Schug is Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at IIT, and active in First Unitarian Church.

Mary Young was formerly with UChicago Civic Engagement, and has experience in many local organizations.



Sue Alitto writes June 6:

Message flagged Wednesday, June 6, 2012 11:47 AM
Dear Neighbors,
The Villages in the area are busy this month . . .

At home, Chicago Hyde Park Village hopes you will join us on Saturday, June 16, 1:30-4:30 pm, at the University Church, 5655 S. University Avenue. We'll have refreshments, conversation, art, bake sale and a forum on "Redefining Meaning and Purpose in the Third Age" led by Karen Kolb Flude of Aging with Ease and moderated by Sammie Dortch. I will send a flyer in a separate e-mail for those of yu who can receive attachments. We are asking for a $5.00 contribution.

Skyline Chicago Village is sponsoring a program on "Understanding Health Care Reform . . . What you need to Know," on Monday, June 11 at 6 p.m., at The Clare at Water Tower (55 E. Pearson). I plan to attend and will have room in my car for 3 more people. e-mail me ( or call (773-752-6587) if interested. Should be an interesting program, plus a chance to see The Clare . . . and there will be refreshments. For more information or to register, contact: Sandy Herman at 312-643-1217

Lincoln Park Village will celebrate its 3rd Anniversary with a program on June 25, at 5 pm at the Chicago History Museum, 1601 North Clark. The cost is $40.00 and includes the reception and the film "Happy." I will also attend this and have space for 2 more people in my car. For more information, go to the Lincoln Park website:

Also of interest:
The Joint task force on Women and Aging sponsored by the Women's Bar Association of Illinois (and of course of interest to men and women!) has an interesting program tomorrow: “Advance Care Planning: The Use and Impact of the Law and Ethics on Medical Decisions” on June 7 from 3:00-5:15 pm at the CBA (321 S. Plymouth Court). Advance registration is required for this program featuring: Martha Holstein, Adjunct Instructor, Loyola University Chicago; Co-Director, Center for LTC Reform at Health and Medicine Policy Research Group; Diana Law, Managing Partner, Law ElderLaw, LLP; Karen Nisley Long, Director of Development, Horizon Hospice; Co-Founder and VP, Chicago End-of-Life Care Coalition; and Meg McClaskey, Diverse Perspectives, Ethics Consultation; Co-Founder and Past Board Member, Chicago End-of-Life Care Coalition. I will go to this late, but can offer a ride back to Hyde Park to any who are interested.

And finally, don't forget the monthly meeting of the Tuesday Salon Discussion Group: TUESDAY SALON DISCUSSION GROUP coming up on June 12, at 4:30 pm at the Nile Restaurant, 1611 East 55th St.

All these events are on the CHHPV Calendar at: Check us out.

Services to aging plan undergoing annual revision. May 2012. Each year the Department of Family and Support Services prepares an “Area Plan on Aging” describing how we propose to deliver services to Chicagoans age 60 years and older using funds allocated from Title III and Title VII of the federal Older Americans Act and State of Illinois General Revenue Funds.
As part of the planning cycle, we prepare a Public Information Document that summarizes the major elements of the proposed plan, and gather comments and recommendations.
Copies of the Public Information Document will be available through May 27 at, and at each of the Regional and Satellite Senior Centers. Comments are invited on the Public Information Document, and the proposed FY 2012 Area Plan will then be submitted to the Illinois Department on Aging.

Safeguarding against elder abuse:

For those eligible seniors who might like to take advantage of this real estate tax deferral. If you are over 65, have income under 55,000, and have the required insurance, the program can allow you to defer your property taxes until your property is sold. You must reapply each year and the deadline in March 1. Go the the following link for more information and to download the necessary forms. Please share this information with others who could benefit from this program.


Time Bank Hyde Park:

Laura Shaeffer and those at the bottom write: A lot of progress has been made towards setting up a time bank for Hyde Park, and we want to update everyone who is interested and extend a special invitation.

We have figured out the fundamental logistics of this process and have both an online and in-person way to sign up for and participate in time banking. (Visit to see the site. The in-person material is available at SHOP.) We are now looking for around 20 people to begin the time bank, to sign up and give and ask for services.

For folks new to the time bank idea, the web site above does a nice job of describing the concept (in the "about" section). There's also a nice story on a time bank in action on the same page. It is essentially a way of developing an alternative economy where we are exchanging services based on the value of our time instead of money. We are available to go into greater detail - just contact us if you would like to know more.

The idea of beginning to exchange with each other outside of the traditional economy appears deceptively simple. To actually engage in such a process beyond the ways that are "built in" to our lives (maybe you already watch the neighbor's dog when she's on vacation and she helps you with your taxes) is more challenging than it may appear. Just thinking about what one can offer and what one wants in terms besides money can be a pretty enlightening exercise. Right now, we are gathering people motivated to go through this bit of introspection, and then participate in pioneering time exchange.

Would you like to be a Hyde Park Time Bank pioneer? Please reply to this email. If you think you might be interested in helping to launch this project but have misgivings of any kind, please feel free to contact us. Undoubtedly, your concerns are shared by many of your neighbors and will help us make this service more accessible. We look forward to your questions, to your advice, and if you feel ready, to your full participation.

Please contact us with any questions you might have. We will continue to fill everyone in on our progress.

Michael Eastwood
Gabriel Piemonte

Take the Survey June 2011

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

As you may be aware, the Steering Committee for the Chicago Hyde Park Village is conducting a community survey to help us in planning for a Village in our neighborhood. The mission of our Village will be to help our members remain in our homes and engaged in our community as we grow older.

The survey will help us:

(1) determine the characteristics of older individuals residing in Hyde Park, Kenwood, and nearby neighborhoods who are most likely to be interested in joining our Village, and

(2) assess the need for the type of services and activities that could be provided through such a Village.

We apologize that you may receive this invitation multiple times. We are making every effort to canvass the neighborhood; and we are working through many Hyde Park organizations. Feel free to share this invitation with others who might be interested.

We sincerely thank those of you who already filled out the pilot survey. Your assistance helped us improve the questions for the current survey, and there is no need for you to complete this current version. If you were not part of the pilot survey and have not already filled out the current survey, we invite you to complete the newly finished questionnaire that can be accessed on-line through Survey Monkey through the following link:

The information that you give us will be kept confidential. All analysis and reports about the survey results will be based on aggregated data to protect individual privacy.

We value your comments and your time. The questions are easy to answer and should not take you more than about 20 minutes, maybe a little more if you write detailed comments.

If you prefer to have a paper copy to fill out, please contact Kathy Huff at: or 773-241-7141. She will provide one for you and also arrange to have it picked up when you have completed it.

We would be grateful if you would share information about the Chicago Hyde Park Village survey with other individuals or organizations and refer them to the Survey Monkey link or to

Thank you for your interest in Chicago Hyde Park Village and for participating in our survey.

Mary J. Rogel and Kathy Huff


Chicago Hyde Park Village release ahead of the March 26 2012 First Luncheon

The mission of Chicago Hyde Park Village is to help its members to remain in their homes and engaged in the communty as they grow older, through education, volunteerism, and referrals.

Chciago Hyde Park Village is a grassroots nonprofit membership organization. With just one phone call or click on a website, CHPV will provide access to connectiions, services, advice, and activities its members need to remain living where they choose. CHPV helps its members to retain control over their lives and also provides reassurance to family and friends that their loved ones are not alone and are connected and safe.

Chicago Hyde Park Village aims to preserved the character and identity of the neighborhood its residents cherish while helping members to remain involved and to avoid problems that can affect us all as we age--fraud, loneliness, transportation, access to help and information, to name just a few. CPHV is collaborating with other local organizations to facilitate a community of communities, to promote neighbors being neighbors, and to encourage residents of all ages to remain active and engaged.

Our initial focus is on Hyde Park and surrounding neighborhoods, but we have set no boundaries and envision serving other areas on Chicago's Southside.

Village planners have initiated some community activities, such as walking and help groups and periodic social gatherings. We have an active online discussion group as a convenient way to ask questions and share ideas and activities. E-mail jay Mulberry at: to join this discussion group. CHPV is busy planning many more events and activities in 2012, including our first Community Luncheon on March 26, 2012. Watch for our notices and welcome to Chicago Hyde Park Village!

Our Contact information:
Website: Email:
Telephone: 773 752-6587
Mailing: CHPV, 1525 E. 53rd St, #705, Chicago, IL 60615

Steering Committee: Susan Alitto, Sammie Dortch, Allison Hartman, Kathy Huff, Roger Huff, Margaret Huyck, Pt MacClarence, Jay Mulberry, Mary Rogel, Ken Schug, Grace Williams

Generous contributions have helped underwrite our initial efforts. We have received gifts from neighbors, members of the Steering Committee and local merchants. major sponsors include Mather LifeWays and Serality.

Contributions for Chicago Hyde Park Village, NFP, may be made on our behalf to our fiscal agent: OWL Illinois, a registered 501(c)3 organization and mailed to the above address.



Updates November 14 2010, April 22, 2011

April 22 2011 about 30 gathered at the Op Shop for potluck, discussion, and sign up for fun activities, outreach, and doing service to and with each other. A report will be issued. This event was organized by Jay Mulberry's Hyde Park Village google group and Laura Shaeffer of the Op Shop.

November 14 2010:

We are working on follow-up studies and a strategic plan with a goal of being able to open our doors within a year
•We organized a community picnic in Nichols Park in mid summer.
•Three representatives from our Steering Committee will attend a national Village conference in Philadelphia, Nov. 11-12.
•We expect to launch our web site by the beginning of next year. Watch for announcements!


Update from Sue Alitto July 30 2010

It is probably no surprise that most of us thought "Transportation services" should top the list as most needed and desired! "Health and wellness services" and "Referral services" were also highly rated. Most were very enthusiastic about the concept of a "Village" in Hyde Park.

The steering committee and subcommittees continue to meet, work and plan over the summer. We expect to have some interesting programs in the fall. Watch for announcements! If anyone would like to become more actively involved in our efforts, please let me know.

The Chicago Graduate School of Business student volunteers are working very hard on a business plan for us. They gave us a promising mid-project presentation last Saturday and will present the final project in late August.

Toward a Hyde Park Village--a neighborhood organization designed to enable members to remain comfortably, safely, and happily in their own homes and apartments whatever their age or physical abilities.
They are currently in the committee work and meet-small-groups phase having held four successful larger meetings. Organization work is underway with students from Chicago Booth.


Susan Alitto, leader of the group, explains in her call for the second planning meeting April 6 2010, Tuesday, 7 pm, Treasure Island lower level: (their contact:

We hope you will join us for our second meeting to discuss and plan for the creation of a Hyde Park Village designed to enable us to remain comfortably in our homes for the second half of our lives. Bring friends, neighbors, questions and ideas. I've attached a brief announcement that you can pass on to others.

We've been working on creating a Hyde Park Village Google Group where we all can share ideas and information, but it's not quite ready. In the meantime, the following are some links to media coverage of the Village concept. (Village to Village Network)


And we'll have some handout information available at the meeting.

Toward a Hyde Park Village

A village will give community members “one phone number” access to whatever services, support, and connections they may need to remain comfortably, safely and happily in their own homes. It can also provide social, educational, travel and cultural programs.

A model for such a community began in Beacon Hill, Boston,* about 9 years ago. It has spread rapidly to nearly 100 communities across the country, including 5 in various stages of development in the Chicagoland area. Some villages have specified a minimum age for participation; others have not. All “Villages” share a common mission of providing resources and support for members, but each is unique based on local needs and characteristics.

Our Hyde Park Village can be whatever we decide we want it to be.

Come participate in its creation.

[monthly, 1st Tuesdays], 2010, 7 pm
Treasure Island Meeting Room, lower level

Questions? Contact:

*Check out: (Village to Village Network)

Susan Alitto added in a letter to the Herald April 28 2010:

Thank you [Herald] for your fine article on our effort to organize a Hyde Park Village to provide resources and services which wil enable community residents to remain comfortably and securely in their own homes and apartments as they grow older. I would like to elaborate on some aspects of our work and the discussion in your article.

Our conversations so far are based on examples from other villages around the country. While these provide useful guidelines, our own village can take quite a different form based on the needs and wishes of our own community. For example, it is our hope that membership fees will be as modest as possible and that we wil be able to offer assistance to participants who need it. Most important, we hope our village will reflect the interests and diversity that we know and value in Hyde Park.

We are still at early planning stages. We welcome everyone who is interested to join our discussions and help shape the kind of village we will become. .... Top

More about villages:

Beacon Hill is a membership (dues $500 to $800 a year) organization with ideas and initiatives that partner with agencies and businesses for discounted rates and services. This includes escort or driving services to the doctor, store etc., deliveries, even handy- or trades persons. The sky seems to be limit, and some places are already providing these services to the less affluent under pilot programs, according to the boomer-senior research institute Civic Ventures.

Hyde Park Herald, April 21, 2010. Aging gracefully- Hyde Parkers form group to aid elderly. By Sam Cholke

It may take a village to raise a child, but for Hyde Parkers it also takes a village to grow old. Members of the Older women's League and like-minded neighbors have begun discussing forming a new nonprofit to help connect seniors living at home with services, a system based on the Beacon Hill, Boston, "village" project.

"It's one phone number that gives you access to whatever you need to stay in your home comfortably as you get older," said organizer Susan Alitto at the group's second meeting April 6. "We're a neighborhood taking care of each other -- maybe our parents had that, but we don't.

There are about 64 "villages" nationwide, all with slight variations on the same mission to help seniors grow old in their homes. In Chicago, the North Shore, Lincoln Park, Streeterville and Lake View neighborhoods have all formed villages. "Part of the village concept is it is whatever we want it to be." Alitto said.

Options for village member services include arranging transportation, finding reputable home repair contractors, arranging social gatherings and being a repository for best practices. It is a sort of institutional memory, "rather than each of us reinventing the wheel on our own," Alitto said. "And so we know we're not taken advantage of by the roofer downstairs ringing the doorbell."

Though still in the early planning stages, the Hyde Park village would operate under the Older Women's League until it could establish itself as an independent nonprofit. The group would need roughly 2509 members to be sustainable and ideally would have 400 members, according to Alitto. For the Lincoln Park village, fees range from $400 to $900 for an individual yearly to $600 to $1,000 for a family, according to Alitto.

The group has not yet determined and estimate for dues to join a Hyde Park village and is still in the process of determining boundaries and what services to pursue. "It's no something we're going to create and you're going to join, it's something we're all going to create," said Betsie Zerlin, another organizer for the group.

For more information, email Susan Alitto at

Report on findings and issues from the April 2010 meeting of Hyde Park Village

Toward a Hyde Park Village
Report to the Chicago Area Village Network
April 15, 2010

Hyde Park is off to a very promising start. As we look ahead, we see a number of challenges that we look forward to meeting. Fortunately, we have been able to recruit some exciting new members to help us in our endeavors.

• We have had two successful community meetings, one at a home (March 2) and one at the local Treasure Island (April 6). Each meeting attracted different participants, with some overlap. [Attendance list is attached]
• We are compiling a list of many who wish to be kept informed of developments and meetings.
• We are in the process of setting up a Hyde Park Village Google Group as a secure site for members to access information and discuss issues.
• We have recruited 10 members for our organizing committee, which meets regularly to develop strategy and plan meetings.
• OWL Illinois has agreed to act as a fiduciary agent for us so we can start collecting donations even before we have our own 501(c)(3) status.

Early issues:
• How can we keep a momentum without seeming to move too quickly?
• Research questions: How have others proceeded? What steps are necessary?
What proved most effective? What didn’t work?
• How can we best share and disseminate information?
• How can we best engage potential participants/meeting attendees?
• Should there be an age minimum/maximum?
• Should we have boundaries and if so, what should they be?

Next steps:
• Currently we are working on a draft vision for a Hyde Park Village, a suggestion at our last meeting, as a means to eliciting ideas, desires and discussion.
• Our goal is to create an inclusive process that takes advantage of all the enthusiasm and good ideas of those who are interested in creating a Hyde Park Village.
• We hope to keep up monthly meetings at least through June.

Reporters/Editors: Susan Alitto, Margaret Huyck, Ken Schug, Betsie Zerlin


From Hyde Park Village brochure:

A VILLAGE IS... a community with its own "concierge" which provides access to activities & to members suggested services so that members can live safely and comfortably in the home of their choice.

EXAMPLES OF POSSIBLE CONCIERGE SERVICES. One telephone call arranges access to whatever you might need or enjoy

Transportation to appointments
House cleaning, yard work
Suggested service providers
Arrangements with trades people
Home and personal security
Computer and digital tech
Money management, bill payment

Exercising, walking, cycling
Medical advocacy}Affiliation with medical clinics
Visits, meals for the homebound
Caregiver support
Government and public assistance programs

Activities, classes, day trips
Photography, nature groups
Discussions, lectures, music
Theater and sporting events tickets
Links with local groups
Dinner clubs, restaurant trips

Volunteer assistance
Volunteer opportunities

VILLAGE KIND OF PEOPLE. Those for whom Concierge Services might prove especially attractive are people who need support to age in place, busy working people, those with unusual needs, people mindful of the benefits they may need down the road, and people whop want to get together with others who are interested in the same recreational, cultural or educational pursuits.

Village life can secure independence and provides activities, support, advocacy, companionship and fun, through the varied services it offers.



By George Rumsey for the August 2010 HPKCC Conference Reporter (Vol. 16, No. 2)

Toward a Hyde Park Village

There is a new local group in process of forming called the "Hyde Park Village." A "village" is a "community with it own 'concierge' which provides access to activities and to member suggested services so that members can live safely and comfortably in the home of their choice" (quoted from the working group's brochure). It is modeled on the Beacon Hill Village (, and has formed working relationships with other Villages in eh chicago area, including in Lincoln Park and Evanston.

The organizing group, spearheaded by a wide variety of South Siders and pulled together by Sue Alitto, has been working steadily since February to frame how a Village might work in Hyde Park. Examples of possible services being examined include transportation, house cleaning, home adn personal security, caregiver support, exercising, medical advocacy adn referrals, classes, day trips, dinner clubs, and a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.

The kinds of people who could benefit from a Village include those who need support to age in place, busy working professionals, those with unusual needs, and people who want to join others for shared interests.

Financing depends on fund-raising, obtaining grants, finding volunteers, size of the membership, and services to be provided. A yearly cost would be passed on to members.

For more information, visit the groups website at You can also email or call (773) 752-6587. Top

Summer-Fall 2010 activities

June- last introductory meeting. Helped Lincoln Park celebrate ist first year and heard author Gail Sheehy
July- A set walked the 4th on 53rd parade and distributed material and a survey.
Booth School students prepared and analyzed paper and online surveys and a cost and pricing analysis.
August 1 picnic in Nichols Park.

Allison Hartman, co-convener, answers some questions from a very savvy new member

Some of the questions you ask are a little hard to answer, and I'm sure we do
not all agree on things(this is Hyde Park) but since no one Else has answered
here is my take on your questions.

1)It is hard to know your definition of responsibilities. It could mean who
would be responsible if there was a problem. In that case:
Villages are set up as not-for-profit corporations. They have at least a paid
executive director and a Board of Directors. They also have very complete
insurance coverage and do a great deal of work to investigate all volunteers
and vetted services before they endorse them.

2)The same way anybody participates. By joining the organization and joining
the events they would enjoy and by calling the one phone number that is part
of the ease of access all Villages offer. I am very familiar with the people
at DARE and find that they want to be like everybody else. The fact that
transportation is part of a Villages services makes it easier for disabled
folks to join with everybody to do things.

3) Once we are ready to become an official corporation with a director and
hopefully an office, you join by paying a years dues and having an interview
so the village will know what you are interested in doing either as a
volunteer or as a member who would like services. You leave by not renewing
your membership.

4)This is an activity. So are the meetings. if you think membership
organizations come with the waving of a wand you have a better wand than I

We need to raise money to pay for an executive director,and sign up enough
members (around 100) to finance the first year before we can offer anything
except the opportunity to help choose how we will form and run. Right now we
are starting to incorporate in the best configuration possible at the first of
next year. We also will need to have an excellent and probably expensive
insurance policy in place. We need time to vet enough volunteers so when
members ask for a ride or someone to come into their home we can feel secure
in who we recommend.

FYI we are now well enough known to have organizations interested in
"partnering" with us. We listen but certainly will not make up our mind until
we have our own identity. Most of us beginning members like the Village
because we are able to decide what it will be like.

So as you can see - we have been doing for quite a while already, One of the
most important thing for us to do is talk to every person we meet hoping that
they are one of our 100 members.

6) Only if you do something personally criminal or hurtful. As I keep
mentioning we as a NFP Corporation will be both un-sue-able as volunteers and
well covered by insurance. Volunteers, to be sued, must do something that is
in lawyerese "Willful and Wanton" mindfully hurting someone on purpose.

Hope this at least answers some of your questions.

Allison Hartman
co-convener of the Hyde Park Village

New! Help-Village

Jay Mulberry of Hyde Park Village Google Groups writes:

[Note, help-village email has a hangup- use

A month (or so) ago we began to set up a system where members can help other members with this and that. Well, we have a great coordinator, Sara Borgeson, we have volunteers and we are ready to work.
Say you need someone to drive you somewhere, pick you up somewhere, contact someone, visit you or a friend who needs it, read to you or a friend who would enjoy it, help with house cleaning, help setting up a new piece of equipment for your home, shop for you, go to the drug store for you, look after an animal for a short time . . . or, or, or . . .
Contact Sara Borgeson, the coordinator, by writing to (I suggest you put that in your address book. Don't know how to put it in your address book? Ask for HELP!)
If possible, do this two or three days before the date you need the help.
The coordinator will get you a helper, who will contact you and set a schedule.

That's all there is to it. It is a way that we can help each other, and anyone who wants to be a helper and hasn't signed up just let Sara know
There are a few things to remember:
•Do not contact us in a medical emergency, or in any situation where you need help urgently. We cannot guarantee the speed of our response.
•Think "short term" when you make a request. If you need service day after day, or week after week for a very long time we might not be able to accommodate you. (But, maybe we could find some way to get the help, so don't just give up.)
•Do not request professional advice.
•Understand that we are a small community group using community volunteers and we will do the best we can. No money-back guarantee is included.