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Please go to the new Committees page for standing committees and click on the Programs links there (and also in the hpkcc.org homepage) for the other committees including for chair contacts.

The following program descriptions introduce you to the programmatic committees of the Conference. Click the links to see full reports for each committee's activities.

Chair President Fylynne Crawford (with the other 5 officers)

Chair Treasurer Donna Peace. With George W. Davis.

Communications (/Editorial, Social Media)
Focuses on electronic communications. Chair Mila Jameson and others- inquire of president@hydepark.org (pending: communications@hydepark.org)

Chairs Louise McCurry, Ismail Turay- membership@hydepark.org

Chair Jane Ciacci. After May 2019 check with the President

Chair Jane Ciacci. After May 2019 check with the President


Bixler PAC. (link is a Facebook page)
President and Committee Chair Mila Jameson.

Condos / Co-ops / Plus
This may be revived. Provides information through lecture/seminars and classes with attorneys, discussion, and the Conference Reporter, regarding the law, insurance, and other matters relevant to owners of these dwellings. If you are interested in participating on this committee or its forums or for details contact the President or hpkcc@hydepark.org

Development, Preservation and Zoning. Committee.
Monitors, engages collaboratively with other organizations, officials and agencies and holds public forums and surveys on development and planning issues, community character, and University of Chicago and other institution and organization policies that affect the neighborhood. The board is to determine the direction. Chairman check with the President

Disabilities Task Force of Hyde Park. link to be checked= http://hydeparkchicago.blogspot.com/
A collaborative inter organizational task force that works for a physically and socially friendly community and to see that the rights of persons of disability and all residents are honored in our community and places of business. Woprking on a survey of mobilty problem spots.
Chair Nina Helstein.

HPKCC sponsors ongoing community forums on topics of special interest to the neighborhood. hpkcc@hydepark.org or the President

Friends of Blackstone Library. Chair Brenda Sawyer. http://friendsofblackstone.wordpress.com. Activities include Despres Family Lecture Series. Join Friends and automatically become a member of the Conference!

Garden Fair (their site). Committee page.
Twice a year the Garden Fair sells plants, bulbs, and garden equipment-Friday and Saturday after Mother's Day and 3rd Saturday in September unless a religious holiday conflicts. Proceeds benefit the Hyde Park Community Conference and garden projects in the Hyde Park - Kenwood Community. Chair Lesley Bloch. Incoming after the May 2019 sale will be Yolanda Edwards Bradley. Contact http://www.hydeparkgardenfair.org. Sign up Genius going live early May 2019. And social media.

Hyde Park Used Book Sale. Puts on the annual, Columbus Weekend fundraising sale in Hyde Park Shopping Center, sponsor Treasure Island Foods. Chair Betsy Budney.

Nichols Park Advisory Council Website- Nichols home (in this website)
An affiliate programmatic committee of the Conference, Nichols Park Council advises the  Chicago Park District  on the maintenance, care, and landscaping of the park.  It oversees the wildflower meadow and more. President Stephanie Franklin. 773 955-3622.

Parks. Committee page. Parks web home (in this website)
Works cooperatively with local and citywide groups to enhance our parks maintenance, landscape design, park activities and good planning as well as improve our environment. Has taken on collaboratively growing support groups and PACs for "pac-less" parks and growing an area PACs consortium. Chair
Louise McCurry, 773 844-2225 with Gary Ossewaarde, 773 947-9541.

Preservation, Zoning- see Development

Safety see Whistlestop/Safety

Schools. Web portal.
Follows school issues in the community, works for strong LSCs and afterschool programs, maintaining an online database on the same, ensuring our youth develop the skills and assets needed to succeed, and schools and community engagement. Honors volunteers in schools with dinners and ceremonies. Engages with Principals. Works with the HPK Community Action Council and school friends groups, LSCs and prinicpals. Marshals Community Support and Resources for Schools including supplemental support grants. Chair interim Camille Hamilton-Doyle. schools@hydepark.org (Betsy Budney). Meets monthly except in summer at Kenwood Academy Media Center, 4th Thursdays at 5:30.

Transportation: Transit and Accessibility Task Force. Transit pages home.
Works to improve transit [particularly bus transit and the Gold Line Metra upgrade], complete streets and streetscape, and access within and to the community and seeks adequate parking in the community.  Chair tba- Interim Roger Huff with Gary Ossewaarde

Whistlestop. Whistlestop/Safety portal. Whistlestop Flyer
Whistlestop promotes street safety and crime prevention through individual and neighbor whistle alerts.  Whistles are available at neighborhood events and various community venues.  Bulk whistle purchases are possible.  All whistles include program information.  If you are interested in participating on this committee or for Whistlestop details contact hpkcc@hydepark.org, whistlestop@hydepark.org or 773 288-8343. Whistlestop and Safety Co-Chairs Stephanie Franklin and Nina Helstein.

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