The Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference a is 501c3 nonprofit community organization and neighborhood association that attends to the civic needs and conversation of the neighborhood. It is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing an attractive, secure, diverse, and caring community.  It promotes participation of its residents, businesses, institutions, and organizations in programs and activities that advance the interests and concerns of the community. It serves the community as a watchdog, independent voice, and clearing house in the community's ongoing conversation and decisions about those matters which affect and define community life.

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History and about

1949: A Community in Crisis

In 1949, a group of urban pioneers in Hyde Park-Kenwood, facing a radically changing neighborhood, deteriorating property, and increasing crime, banded together to reverse the tide of physical and social deterioration. To do so, the residents formed the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (HPKCC). The major focus of the new organization was urban renewal, stabilization, and neighborhood safety.

As part of the strategy, the conference formed 20 block clubs in 1950 to help residents in their relationships with each other, diagnose neighborhood problems and take action, and build a greater sense of community.

Although HPKCC concentrated its earliest efforts on upgrading property and zoning codes, it soon became apparent that the community had other needs. As a result, the Conference organized committees to improve the schools, the appearance of the community, the parks and recreation facilities, and the communities youth services.

Over the years, the Conference identified more community problems and developed new and specific programs to work toward solutions:

  • Tenant/landlord relationships
  • School volunteers
  • Safety, rights and justice
  • Women's rights
  • Medical Care
  • Air and water pollution

Once a problem was identified, and a program established, HPKCC members took the steps necessary to attack the problem, whether it meant working with city officials on needed ordinances, organizing a tenant's union, working to establish good relationships with varying community groups, developing medical services, or pressuring the city agencies for action.

These activities were carried out in addition to HPKCC's ongoing programs in the areas of schools, urban planning, jobs for teens, parks and beautification.

Down through the years, the continuing goal of the Conference has been to meet the needs of an ever changing community.

Today: A Community Beyond Crisis and undergoing transformation.

Today, the Conference continues working to meet the community's changing needs for maintaining diversity including economic, watching over management of change and development, ensuring neighborhood safety, promoting the welfare of the community, and beautifying the environment.

Our efforts in building community in our second half century may be seen in our wide array of programs.  All participants in the Hyde Park - Kenwood Community are invited to be part of our program activities and to join the Conference.

Some recent actions and doings

HPKCC grant helps Neighborhood Club teens learn the city via transit
HPKCC and its development committee weigh in on opening Harper Avenue, Shoreland project
HPKCC completes commissioned structural study of Harper Theater
Condos Committee holds seminar on important requirements
Internet Safety Seminar held, next planned for October 16
Schools Committee holds networking dinners and forums, investigates school/out of school enrichment, shows intern teachers the neighborhood, raises funds for School Supply Drive
Garden Fair holds successful spring, fall sales, planning fall's; Used Book Sale and thanks
Co-hosts Hyde Park Stories-HPKCC focus and contributes to HP Hist'l Soc. Oral History Project

Archive: In Closer Focus: So what, specifically does the Used Book Fair and Garden Fair enable, and in some cases fund?
And visit the one-page HOW DO WE SPEND OUR MONEY?

Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference
Serving the community since 1949
1507 E. 53rd St. #404
Chicago, IL 60615
Tel. 773-288-8343
Email hpkcc@hydepark.org. Website www.hydepark.org. Find us on Facebook.
A 501c3
Your dues and involvement keep you informed and your voices heard. Volunteer!

Our purpose:

The purpose of the Conference is to attend to the civic needs of the community; work toward an attractive, secure, diverse and caring community, and to promote particiption of residents, businesses, institutions and organizations in programs and activites that advance the interests and concerns of the community. It serves the community as a watchdog, independent voice and clearing house in the community’s ongoing conversation and decisions about those matters which affect and define community life.

Growing programs that serve the community

The Hyde Park Garden Fair and the Hyde Park Used Book Sale are committees of the conference that beautify our neighborhood and lives and bring people together to create community and bring in visitors to Hyde Park. They also help underwrite our programs.
The Conference serves as fiscal and promoting agency for good-fit small organizations and programs including Chicago Academic Games, Friends of Blackstone Library, Nichols Park Advisory Council, and Southside Preservation Action Fund. See list of programs below.
Informing and shaping opinion, serving as clearinghouse, promoting involvement
HPKCC is a membership-, volunteer-based organization that acts as a primary or collaborative convener of public forums and workshops, submits position papers, and creates or works with action committees on issues of community and economic planning and development, zoning, preservation and enhancement of historic and neighborhood-character resources, transit and mobility/access, parks and open space, environment, schools, public safety, and social and political needs. We engage with elected officials, institutions and other stakeholders to make sure that the community at large and its diversity of opinion and interests are heard. We also jointly sponsor community events, public meetings, and problem-solving visioning exercises. We support and promote an economically and racially diverse, open and balanced community and open decision-making processes.

Programs and leadership
Condos/Co-ops Plus (Allison Hartman)
Development, Preservation, Zoning (George Rumsey and)
Disabilities Task Force (George Rumsey, Allison Hartman)
Editorial (Communications, Website) (George Rumsey and )
Friends of Blackstone Library (Brenda Sawyer)
Hyde Park Garden Fair (Lesley Bloch)
Hyde Park Used Book Sale (Jane Ciacci, George Davis)
Nichols Park Advisory Council (Stephanie Franklin)
Parks Committee ( Louise McCurry)
Schools Committee (Camille Hamilton-Doyle, NancyBaum- to be chosen)
Transit Task Force (tba)
WhistleStop/Safety (may be separated) (Stephanie Franklin, Nina Helstein and)

Officers (Executive Committee and on elected board)
Fylnne Crawford, President president@hydepark.org
R Carson, First Vice President
Ismail Turay, Second Vice President
George Davis, Third Vice President
Emilie G. Pulver, Secretary
Donna Peace, Treasurer & Finance Committee chair

Other Board members:

Barbara Barreno-Paschall
Michael Bradley
Marjorie Bryant
Betsey Budney
Jane Ciacci
Stephanie Franklin
Camille Hamilton-Doyle
Nina Helstein
Timika Hoffman-Zoller
Racquel Irvin
Mila Jameson
Rich King
Louise McCurry
Rudy Nimocks
Gary Ossewaarde
Dawn Posey
Eric E. Reaves
jorie Bryant
Betsey Budney Eric E. Reaves

In Closer Focus: So what, specifically does the Used Book Fair, for example, enable or fund? (later updates are available as linked at top)

By Jane Ciacci, updated
2009 and 2010 financial reports show that the Used Book Sale makes a net profit in the range of $10,000 annually, depending on the weather, the economy, and changing markets.
The profits of the sale are currently the Conference's major source of support for its ongoing expenses, such as the office in the Hyde Park Bank building, and space rental and other expenses for community events throughout the year. For example, our Schools Committee holds numerous networking and awards ceremonies, dinners, and forums. Our Condos and Co-ops Committee hosts annual forums on association law and issues with Attorney John Bickley, who has worked with the committee for several years to provide these popular forums on topical questions.

In 2009, we hosted the HPKCC Forum "Challenging the Next Decade," to kick off our 60th anniversary year, and added two organizations as committees of the Confer- Conference—Friends of Blackstone Library and South Side Preservation Action Fund, funded with a grant obtained by the Fund, which commissioned a structural engineering assessment of the Harper Theater Buildings that played a role in reuse of the building,
Our Development, Preservation & Zoning Committee is particularly active, and collaborates with a number of other community groups, including the 53rd Street TIF Advisory Council and its committees; the Coalition for Equitable Community Development; Hyde Park Disabilities Task Force; Hyde Park Historical Society; and its Preservation Committee; Interfaith Open Communities; Older Women's League of Hyde Park and Illinois; and Southside Solidarity Network.

The profits of the 2008 and 2009 book sales made possible major donations to the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club to help fund transportation for the Summer Teen program in summer 2009 and 2010.

You can read more about the various activities of the Conference and its committees from http://www.hydepark.org/index2HPKCC.htm.

2012 held or upcoming programs included…

2nd convening of neighborhood civic organizations. See October 2011, March 10 2012.
E-Newsletters about every two weeks- contact Anita Hollins or Jane Ciacci. Facebook posts continue.
Garden Fair May 18 and 19. Fall Fair September 15
Likely new focus on transportation and survey of its infrastructure.
Used Book Sale September 16.
School Networking Dinners with Dr. Charles Payne and a researcher with the UC Consortium. ABCs of CPS November 15

2011 held programs include…
Aldermanic candidates questionnaire and “election special” issue of the Reporter
4th ward aldermanic cand. Forum Feb. 5
Help for parents forum March 29
A condo/coops associations forum…..
Spring and fall Garden Fair May 20-21, Sept. ?; Used Book Sale Oct.

Activities in 2010
• Garden Fair Winter Lecture Series
• Schools committee held a major awards and lecture dinner and a dinner with speaker
• April 19 Condo Law Seminar
• April 24 Computer Safety Seminar
• May 14, 15, Oct. 2 Spring and Fall Garden Fair
• Sept. 26 Co-sponsor ship of. Property Tax Changes forum
• Oct. 9-11 Hyde Park Used Book Sale
• Board, Committees weighed in on Harper Court, opening Harper Avenue,, renovation of the Shoreland Hotel, and more
• Harper Theater engineering structural soundness evaluation presented; Woodlawn Corridor Study
• Neighborhood Club teen program grant

Programs are in the homepage- click them. See in hpkcccommittees descriptions in one place.




Officers: 2019-20

President: Fylynne Crawford
First Vice-President: R Carson
Second Vice-President: Ismail Turay
Third Vice-President George Davis
Treasurer: Donna Peace
Secretary: Emilee Pulver

Board of Directors (additional): Michael Bradley, Marjorie Bryant, Betsey Budney, Jane Ciacci, Stephanie Franklin, Camille Hamilton-Doyle, Nina Helstein, Timika Hoffman-Zoller, Racquel Irvin, Mila Jameson, Richard King, Louise McCurry, Rudy Nimocks, Gary Ossewaarde, Donna Peace, Dawn Posey, Eric E. Reaves,

Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference

Contact us at (773) 288-8343
mail address 1507 E. 53rd St. #404 Chicago, IL 60615.

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